Research and Consulting

Research and Consulting

Research and Consulting

Research and Consulting


Policy Research Areas

Our experienced researchers deliver concise, creative, high-impact research products and services on tight timelines. 

We use a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods, including surveys, key informant interviews, focus groups and workshops, as well as literature reviews and secondary data analysis. 

We tailor our writing and presentations to internal and external audiences, and to specialist and general audiences – across a range of public policy issues:

Budgets and proposed budgets at all levels of government, including revenue amounts and sources, operations and capital spending, deficit and debt levels.

Climate change, clean energy, sustainable transportation, green economy, urban form, energy efficiency, and employment and economic impacts.


Trade agreements, AI and automation, precarious work, P3s, just transitions, green jobs, labour policy and employment standards.

Indicator development, surveys, baselines, impact assessments, and policy development.

Funding models, types of service delivery, and social determinants of health.

Tax expenditures, subsidies, royalty and rent capture, R&D funding, tariffs and trade agreements, and other economic development and industrial policy tools.